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外患- 美国加息,外债利息走高; 马币预期贬值,用更多马币偿还外债;煤炭天然气飙高,价格转移机制在过后几个季度才能完全转移
内忧 - 繁荣税,RP3不确定因素,连窜电力优惠,快大选了电力民生价格得控制
预期 - 三月如没预期特别股息股价就得。。。
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You never claim the flood insurance before that’s why you don’t know the trick hohoho..
factory, commercial building, shop lot and even landed property owner they’re the expert…
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Allianz 是普险 车险 的top, 有的赔了。。
1 month · translate
@Ghee , usually those commercial building and factory will buy insurance covered it.. there’s lot of factories in Shah Alam and Klang kena…
1 month · translate
Not just those submerged car but also the affected shop lot, landed property and commercial building … tons of claims coming soon for general insurers
1 month · translate
Now is nationwide flood and most serious flood in decades happened in klang valley.. people who bought Peril clause may submerge their car to claim total loss and get a Merry Christmas Gift from Santa Claus
1 month · translate
People now busy queuing claim total loss for car submerge in flood.. good luck to all insurance companies
1 month · translate
Almost approaching director disposing cost price soon…
1 month · translate
Slowly boiling water, break again..
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