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the chance will come, but not in the near future... it will be sideways for a while...
1 week · translate
smaller tf indi oversold, possible for technical rebound.
2 weeks · translate
Collect balik sikit, tengok dia nak pergi mana
2 weeks · translate
Kalau pecah 110, ahb boleh pergi tidur balik...
2 weeks · translate
if released good qr, cepat lah gerak balik...
if not, kena peram dulu...
2 weeks · translate
dah sampai last support 120... waiting for rebound...
2 weeks · translate
take a look at their financial report
2 weeks · translate
not sure about that. price down, but with low volume... maybe temporary selling by a cautious trader like me...haha
2 weeks · translate
we will see how traders react.
watching from the sideline for now.
2 weeks · translate
just wait for the qr. if not good, might be sideways for a while. got plenty of time to enter later.
2 weeks · translate
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