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Rubbish counter...................down every day
1 month · translate
LOL.. still got brainless people wanna protect the conman
3 months · translate
So where is the Stock God now ? Sifu ? Disappeared ? Asked people buy at high
3 months · translate
LOL... see .. what happened !!!! when someone warned all of you, u guys just attacked people.. saying people jealous, sour grapes.. I m not happy to see people lose money but sometimes they really need to learn a good lesson. They simply admire people who blindly give tips to them, treat them as god. Really speechless
3 months · translate
@shinn law ...Ha,,,, .. u deleted yr comment at another side ya... lol.. laugh me die
3 months · translate
Donno who are the barking dogs now.... shinn law is that u ?? ha...
3 months · translate
哈哈哈!我从不买PE 100的股,话别说太早,谁被人当韮菜还说不定呢!被割了还抱人家大腿
3 months · translate
Wow ..compared EIB to Greatec n D&O ??..ha... EIB makes how much per QR ???
3 months · translate
说中了,只要不看好就被攻击. 真是没有修养和素质..
3 months · translate
PE over 100..scary.... still buy call .. crazy..
3 months · translate
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