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But just hope for the best bah. Nothing we can do and worry about.
5 days · translate
No one knows if this is the correct steps or it's just another mistake which buried the bomb temporarily to explode with greater impact.
5 days · translate
嘿嘿 有紅包收 恭喜發財
2 months · translate
我还在排队买 给我机会进去一下下
3 months · translate
3 months · translate
可以做空cimb吗?投资什么lj touch and go
9 months · translate
Boil chicken soup better, fried chicken not healthy
11 months · translate
Long time no check this counter price alr hahah
1 year · translate
终究还是向上趋势 估值合理 不用太担心
1 year · translate
Let it fall bah ahaha :/
1 year · translate
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