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DNex upside is huge. Patience pay off as long the fundamental is strong and business strategy is in the right direction.
2 weeks · translate
With the weak Ringgit (RM4.70), is giving strong advantage to exporter like DNex for both semiconductor and crude oil.
2 weeks · translate
With the high oil price and Silterra contracted order, this is a gem stock.
3 weeks · translate
Most of Dnex sales in USD. At FX 4.7 now, definitely jump in profit.
1 month · translate
Big opportunity for DNex with the current move by USA to ban semiconductor from China. DNex or Silterra should be the beneficiary. Actually Malaysian semicon and chips producer should benefit from this.
1 month · translate
With USA action against the China's semicon producer, will give additional benefit to DNEX being a Malaysian producer.
1 month · translate
Seems negative for shipping industry is very likely to happen.
2 months · translate
Something brewing.
2 months · translate
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