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Uzma into renewable energy i.e. SOLAR POWER. That is a good news.
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Should buy and keep. The freight rate situation will keep high. As with the vaccination the economy expected to ramp up and hence forward freight condition to be favourable to Syscorp.
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if this materialise, will makes DNEX jump at least 5 times the price.
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How is the Siltera acquisition?
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Cool bro. We should encourage sharing here. We decide the destiny of our own $$.
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I see potential in Top Glove. Why? At least the owners believe in shareholder value and equity prices. He is actively involve in this matters.
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Hence, Syscorp is a "buy" call.
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The global freight rate increase kicks in around Nov 2020. Hence, QTR Dec 2020 result have partial impact from the freight rate increase. The full impact will be in QTR Mac 2021 result.

Hence, the result is showing SYSCORP is moving the right direction (with last QTR profit higher than previous QTR).

Revenue Qtr Dec20 = RM157mil (improved 14%)
Revenue Qtr Sept20 =RM138mil

Profit Qtr Dec20 = RM3.8mil (improved 19%)
Profit Qtr Sept20 = RM3.2mil

EPS Qtr Dec20 = 0.30 (improved 20%)
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Abraham, forn Solar panel. Another hot item.
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