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业绩亏损才会起 哈哈哈哈
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sedikit sedikit menjadi bukit. im pretty sure it will go back to rm1.
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below 70cents...maybe 60. those warrant converted is taking their profit now...dumb n dumb
2 months · translate
stupid? how good? know their cost? tell me the warrant price when mother [email protected] 20cents. guess whats their cost?
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u need to know how much warrant cost is big shark accumulated when mother share is 0.20 bro.....they converted to mother share with a very very cheap cost. dont u see profit taking after warrant conversion? u count the volume vs warrant converted. alot more share to be dumb from there.
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no hope la this stock.
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u guys forgotten.how.cheap.is the warrant when mother share.is 20cents. big shark accumulated warrant converted cost is cheap.
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u guess how much is big shark warrant cost? if they collected the warrant when the mother price is 20cents, how cheap is their warrant cost u guess? when converted to mother share how cheap is their cost u guess?
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