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please read the QR report, emco and nrp affected the production.
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although profit drop more than expected, but dividend almost give out 60% profit, all give back to supporter
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bonus issue then 3.99
2 weeks · translate
now play what?
2 weeks · translate
Maybank IB give sell call and low TP for glove sector, the tp as pre covid price
2 weeks · translate
harta management said 30% profit drop, topglov QR 50% profit drop, so kossan use in between 40% profit, then you will roughly know the figure
2 weeks · translate
you are right, stand at your view
3 weeks · translate
2-3 more weeks to go for the q3 QR result, estimate profit 0.6-1b, dividend 0.07-0.12
3 weeks · translate
glove still the top counter in RSS radar, need to wait next year only can see the chance
3 weeks · translate
I still kept, no action
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