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ok thanks Jun for the info. Guess I have to wait till my desired price comes in . Its been way too long. Ah Chai please laaaaa
1 day · translate
why is the fundamental not good. I thought their PE is good n they are cash rich
2 days · translate
I am hoping for it to go a bit more higher next week.
4 days · translate
looking good. the business has great potential n so much room to excel. Previous existing business oso stable for now. Great prospect. let it grow further till 2022 where even bigger prospect
4 days · translate
when QR announcement
4 days · translate
Hopefully flying past 0.80 . so far so gud. if drop will not be much. can pick up some more. Next week looks positive . huhu
4 days · translate
can break 0.80 today . then next week will flyyyyyyy
4 days · translate
when la dis QR
6 days · translate
ah chai u can du it
1 week · translate
give it another week ?
1 week · translate
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