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it needs bankers support to let company growth, otherwise it would fell and cant move fowards, its so pity chinese media never get strong support.
3 months · translate
banker chips not in yet. bought at 11 sen now cabut ready at 11.5, sleeping too much this counter
4 months · translate
i bought at 15 sen, just stay and hold untill bang non next press release...hahah
4 months · translate
from rsi and stohastic boss
4 months · translate
before the sharks and operator trap us. lets all sell the mother stocks now..WE MUST GIVE THEM A LESSON. Other wise if they push up the son not in negative premium, so thats ok. but since 3 days they was press the son to get a profit after they convert. TQ Insan,now we know their trap.
4 months · translate
stocks oversold ready, i will entry liitle bit
4 months · translate
Salam brotherhud insan, pls tak payah layan la kondem dan provok tu, anyway tqvm suggestion utk kaunter xox ni spt bro san info,, hihi minggu ni 4round mkn 3 tapak .. buy 8/8.5 sell 9/9.5 (min 500L) sehari 2 kali mkn beriani.. tqvm bro san.
5 months · translate
alrite bro san
5 months · translate
HAHA,,, ada juga orang cukup bodoh datang komen disini,pandai betul..haha, kalau tak sangkut tak sibuk pon nak komen kan,, cukup pandaii.... kikiki
5 months · translate
haha, only poor syndicate push down to get cheap tickets and afterward they kill themself, Karma are always re arround, times will let you learned.
5 months · translate
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