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That's why we need to learn how to read graph, how to analyse market. This counter really hard to analysis, so you just like a gambling in this counter. If u r lucky, u will gain high. But, high possibility u will lost. Good luck
21 hours · translate
This counter will close red today.
2 days · translate
ready to lost. hahaha
2 days · translate
Btol2. Syukur.. Jangan lupe sedekah jumaat.
2 days · translate
Kaunter ni keep drop. Volume maintain tggi tp masih drop. Such a scammer. Korang ade perasaan nk beli lg ke?
2 days · translate
I rase die akn turun sehingga 0.05.
3 days · translate
ini kaunter scammer..
3 days · translate
480 units? or 480 lots?
5 days · translate
0.3 by end of this week
6 days · translate
In a dream. :p
1 week · translate
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