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i will take all seller tickets..!! i sure do
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i also continue to invest more and more on cypark. I believe in Cypark future. I can wait for another few years.
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you dont want cypark end up like goreng counter...where it should rise based on company growth for long term
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In fact, i dont prefer Cypark to be speculated due to news.. and then sell on news kind of stock. Let it grow organically.
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那只蟑螂,hoot kpower....现在心里不平衡了... 可能在吃着安眠药了现在...
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Admiral Adama, 一针见血的诠释。对它更加的心里有数了。。。
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Star, 就算TP3 要等上一年半载,也是跟它等下去
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