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Majority from previous election was 15.1%. Majority from this by election has increased to 15.8%. The absolute majority number reduced because the turnup was way lower. So, it looks like a good win for PH-BN since win majority increased by 0.7%. Nevertheless, PH-BN government will still need to work hard to deliver on good policies before the next GE.
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Will only be credited on 19th Jan.
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Yeap, if it's really 12.59% dividend yield, I will sell all my other counters, all in BIMB :p
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Personally, I would keep. Hope for Santa & New Year rally. Trend also on our side now. :p
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Well, price have gone up the amount of dividend. If you sell at 2.37, can consider you took dividend early. Assuming it doesn't keep going up after price adjustment on EX. If still keep going up, then you lose capital gain.
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Anyway, the 12.59 sens dividend is interim dividend, there should be another in April. Total annual yield should be around 7%. Still good, then just continue to keep for capital gain. :)
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It's only 12.59% dividend yield if current share price is RM1 :p
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Maybe this time will break 10 resistance? :)
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Get ready to wallop any discount :)
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How is RHB results better?
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