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Wow, nice Q results. Nice divvy! :)
1 week · translate
I entered 7.2 last year. Hahaha. Funny la you. Please give me time machine :p
1 week · translate
UOA Dev divvy is once a year, you would have just missed it. Sentral and UOA REIT also not bad, and their divvy consistent throughout.
1 week · translate
At current price, Tenaga dividend yield much higher than any banks lo. Mid/Long term safe bet.
1 week · translate
Giving opportunity to top up lo :)
1 week · translate
Divvy coming early August?
1 week · translate
Divvy should be announced this week right?
1 week · translate
Yes, wait for bonus issue, sure get your price. Hahaha
1 week · translate
Hahaha, real comedian la you John....
1 week · translate
Big boys would make it so obvious. Just when you unexpected it, it will happen :p
1 month · translate
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