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Ying Pepperoni

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Hi nice to meet you

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Ya MI those now at very high price Ady. Choon, uchitec not too high yet hmm.
11 minutes · translate
Still new lah this stock, not very renowned in the public. Moreover now isn't construction peak.
41 minutes · translate
Akhom, looks like u have strong faith in this co
51 minutes · translate
Gnail, let's wait this baby boom.
1 hour · translate
Nope I didn't buy. construction time isn't here yet
1 hour · translate
all time downtrend since 2014 @[email protected]
4 hours · translate
may be heading to march low
4 hours · translate
gradually moving down. but prospect could be good
4 hours · translate
agree Jeff, if we're not contra player. Better hold for some rebound. Now free fall from 2.7 to 2.2
5 hours · translate
Free fall. this counter really been cursed
5 hours · translate
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