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Got New pp?just completed pp on 15 jul ago..
2 days · translate
All in gfm!!!!
3 days · translate
Haha..accumulate to 0.012 maybe
4 days · translate
But still so hard to push the price
1 week · translate
..akan ada skali fly sbelum [email protected] tukar pada mak
2 months · translate
For now better smtm
2 months · translate
Alamak..politaik buat blh expect market berdarah cedera parah esok..mungkin jatuh teruk kali ni sbb sentimen politik..sifu firdaus mgkin pakar pengkaji politik.. :)
2 months · translate
Aik sifu..going sideways or 0.64?which one sifu
2 months · translate
Sifu awl sgt buat conclusion..wait until market near close la sifu before make any comments..luckily I didn’t jump into river.. :) :) z
2 months · translate
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