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Wei Nan Yong

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Joined Apr 2015


50cen will consider buy
4 days · translate
How come rebound
5 days · translate
Lengcai liao. Supply to tesco. Wao. Great new to teoseng. Effect may see in next quarter.
2 weeks · translate
Really big volume.
1 month · translate
Next quarter result should be continuous positive with some growth. Since bean price drop shit. Just need to hold till..... End-AUG
1 month · translate
Op..... Finally it come! I wait 1.5
1 month · translate
Quarter result just out yesterday....... No good no bad. 10 PE for current result, price should be RM0. 40 to RM0. 60......omg
1 month · translate
2 months · translate
Why? Any upcoming good news?
2 months · translate
Biggest stakeholders hold lot of share. Not much flow..... Just my 2cents
3 months · translate
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