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ESOS 也是给员工的. 其实走向资本市场了, 就要在适当的时候善用资本工具. Dividend 是最基本reward investors and shareholders. 你看老板自己名下的% on DC 其实很少. 不到5%. 员工更少了咯. 这个布局是机会, 员工不一定有很多钱来买. 不如给ESOS.. 后期股价上了. 员工自己选择买卖.
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The company is proposing to pay RM35 million cash for the acquisition, while the other RM35 million will be satisfied via a total of 60.34 million new shares, representing 5.71% of its enlarged share capital post-exercise. 这里base on % 其实enlarge 不是很多。然后下一句才是有勇有谋。

Concurrently, DC Healthcare has proposed a one-for-four bonus issue of warrants with a five-year tenure and exercise price to be determined later. The shares consideration for I Bella’s acquisition is not entitled to the free warrants, DC Healthcare said. (这个举动看得出老板有谋咧,让existing founding member or existing management, and investors have a defending tool minimise dilution. 老板有照顾自己人啊! 其实很多人没有这样分析。他们都只是觉得create new share 不好,dilution. 老板要不是走步棋,他要怎么做收购? 自己的1st batch share moratorium 6个月,2nd batch share moratorium 6 个月。这样看来老板上市后其实没有闲着,他在策划布局中。如果自己一间clinic 一间开。地点是问题,人手是问题,licensing 申请·也要等。你看看optimax 和cengild 就知道了。Licensing 花的时间多长。

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Market to rebound soon
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Bought at 0.31
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Yup.. boleh cek announcement
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If u have ramssol share now entitle wa value around 10 sen above
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Mother share adjust for bonus warrant new share supply to the market on 10th march 2023.
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Rm1 ? Hhahahah
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