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Check you email will know the AGM date, or you never invest on this stock? Lolx
3 weeks · translate
Agm is on 27 March Monday 10:30 am bro, after agm sure will anouce.
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Every round drop on qr is good chance to add or enter, you can c Sam 2021 qr report,same like this earn less from other qr, the gap down 2.60 ,wash from 16.1-12.5 then slowy back to break new high. On short term will kena wash out.. don’t too worry about they business cheers
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1 month · translate
@sky JF is good stock to chiong this year also, heng heng for us Kobay road to future..
1 month · translate
@sky thank you
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May I know who is mingyuan? Looks like many ppl scare of him
1 month · translate
@sky dun worry we standby for next target , find the gem
1 month · translate
who is mingyuan? I only know hengyuan lol
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