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Just being helpful here. I dont have anything to loose
1 week · translate
Just looking at the buy que already know that there is no other direction for this stock to move other than going downhill. Just wait and see it will deep dive
1 week · translate
You r just being too optimistic. It just didnt make sense
1 week · translate
i feel you Kai Peng. But there is zero chance it will rise up. The Karim effect is just there
2 weeks · translate
Pity for Kai Shan. Think he might cut loss already.
2 weeks · translate
Haha just stay away. Let the operators trade among themselves. This counter is gone, just waiting to be delisted
2 weeks · translate
No power,this evening will fall for sure
2 weeks · translate
Dont get trap. Next week sure die one. Deep dice
3 weeks · translate
Confirm will go to 0.18. In fact can be lower than 0.18. Wait to get in either on 0.15 or 0.10
1 month · translate
oh sure can one. He should even be blame for his whole generation.
1 month · translate
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