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chicken and egg price no more control by fix price. for sure earn more
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long time no see this turtle stock suddenly so fast almoat rm1 . should be good qr coming ans dividend next quater ..
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没那么容易 ,会有t&c 的行使权。不是一买就可以卖的。
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5 months · translate
EV 站可能有份, 没公布
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A.I tech definately benefit industrial 4.0 robotic tech.. look forward .Will be next goreng stock.
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0.73 coming..
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Russia Ukraine War wont effect oil price anymore unless got bigger war coming, and do you think this war going forever?, iran starting reduce the oil price sell to china. War oil price between iran anf russia begin. This is oil diacount war.
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1 year · translate
Lift going down basement directly without any stop. Expectation too much different, next quater far away from now. Too many uncertain. Mid of july only come back to see.
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