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Remember when this counters hit Rm1Billion Market Cap???.... ahhh, those are a good old day :')
Yesterday · translate
Thought can up above rm3 .....very hard these days. hopefully next week can up.
Yesterday · translate
Cannot do anything , all hope go to US index. If tonight continue drop again, all hell break lose. Better cut loss, thought want to buy PS5. Now cannot ald. Seinzzz
2 weeks · translate
Why so week de... It's need to sustain above 3.8 then can up to 4 then can go 4.14... haizzz
1 month · translate
Thanks God I'm wrong hahaha
1 month · translate
Tomorrow will be the biggest Red color you will ever see...
1 month · translate
Feels like it's gonna down trend again. Hope I'm wrong....
1 month · translate
1st QR not good.... tomorrow GG another 5% red
1 month · translate
I think it will continuously drop because of China lockdown and it's getting serious.....
1 month · translate
Buy 10lot 3.4 try try XD
1 month · translate
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