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LFC forever, no use of all good info, semi-con in shortage good price, Dnex cannot reflect, BURSA investor are non fundamental type...
3 days · translate
Shit... Everydrop
4 days · translate
Very bad this operator, press the price down to 50%
5 days · translate
Bloody shit operator#@&%@ enuf is enuf, no good price in mother, people also hesitate to convert WD for you !!!!!!
1 week · translate
Convert,, got fundamental no worry
1 week · translate
Ya... Squeeze retail investor, cruelly. Bad
2 weeks · translate
With such a downwards price now, many will doubt on conversion, if price are good, many will convert, not understand how operator manage it..
2 weeks · translate
真的让我意想不到可以跌下 0.80, 有 warrant 快要到期和PP会有这么大的反应?公司多元业务这么值得期待,切被扔到这样的价格,对马股投資者的素质有问号
3 weeks · translate
What is this.. Con counter??
3 weeks · translate
Look like u got close relationship with them.. Thanks
3 weeks · translate
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