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it seems you do not understand dnex and how much shareholders has tolerated this counter. ceo not been active and no initiative to update progress of any projects/investment. hence, shareholders always in the dark and counter price dead! hence, no accountability to the shareholders! that is why I say, mind as well delist !!!!!
7 hours · translate
this is out of frustration as shareholders of dnex. we got right to express!otherwise the ceo sleeping in his job!
13 hours · translate
I hold more than 2 years already.. still holding
Yesterday · translate
dnex should not be a listed company because who want this counter if cannot make from stock/share price value. we can already forget about any solid dividend payout!!!!! like I say! this ceo does not understand his job to its shareholders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 days · translate
triple bottom meaning? chance to go up or crash?
3 weeks · translate
this is sampah counter correct.. does not look like any player playing his counter anymore. all got con already .. each day slidding !
3 weeks · translate
I really really do not understand why this good for nothing CEO do not want to resign! Does he really thinks he is doing a good job !!!!!!
1 month · translate
how do we know Foxconn ran or not? the ceo of dnex do not even bother to update its shareholders! I think he really feels it is not part of his job to updare and it is OK! totally useless ceo!!!!!! makan gaji buta buta!!!!!!
2 months · translate
hello!!!! ceo!!!! wake up and look at your counter price!!!! how are you answerable to your shareholders!!! US!!!!
2 months · translate
Yan long tan.. you pro dnex or what! dnex has never based on market
Markey good also go down or no movement.. it is definitely incompetence of the ceo to protect shareholders interest. totally useless and lazy ceo.. no update of company progress and taking the current share price likely and with no kpi to monitor ceo performance! failed in every aspect!!!!!
2 months · translate
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