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PE only reflect pass recotfd. But never tell u the BRIGHT FUTURE
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D&O 2nd qr will be out in august. 2nd qr 2020 net profit was only 680k, this year 2nd qr may hit 20m easily. Which means a 20 times growth. If so it will be a BOOSTER to the share price. Further more D&O expension of its production capacity is scheduled to be ready by june. That means 3rd qr profit ...... , so just hold on to your D&O. Cheers.....
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Finally i hear ppl suggesting buying warrents. Fan , when i bought D&O at rm2.40 in january, i at the same time bought a few hundred lots of CA at 15c. N sold all the CA at 51.5c. Many lots of mother shares are free. This is hedging. CHEERS
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Hahaha Green, when i advise some friends to invest in this counter atrm2.40+ in january, and wnen it went up to rm3+ in february , they asked whether i am selling or not. My answer was not selling at all, but instead buying some more at
rm3,60. When asked what will be my TP, I told tnem D&O may be the next MPI. If there is a BI n BI , total up will be possible MPI to come. Hahaha
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I agree with you all that D&O is not the only GOOD share worth investing. But i totally disagree with those who said that the RUN of D&O is already towards the end. D&O is a stock that worth holding for years to come. EV LED EV LED EV LED EV LED is the FUTURE
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Jason u are right. D&O for the last one month, most of the days stay above rm4.00. Yesterday high of rm4,58 n low of rm4.37 , both are ONE MONTH HIGH. Cheers n keep it up...
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Tze Hong i totally agree with u. By next week when 1st qr 2021 is out n by last week of August when 2nd qr is out N by december when 3rd qr result is out PLUS if there is a BI annoucenent, wow u may set any TP. Any TP is possible. CHEERS
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Every real investors should ignore the stupid guy who know nuts in stock market. D&O is for value investment rather than soeculatiin n goreng. I started investing ln D&O n CA in january wheb it was rm2.40 n 15c respectively. I have already earned few hundred k. N will hold D&O for years to come. My TP is...,,,,is beyond your imagination CHEERS
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Lin Sy , now may not be the right time to sell your CG. D&O is now going tru a correction price of call warrants are low. Maybe wait till the qr is out , expected to be out by the 3rd week of May. CG expire by 8th of Nov, which means it has the chance to benefit from the hike of price of D&O , provided with good performance, for the march n june qr.
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D&O has been moving upwards in month end right through to the 1st week of following month. This has been the case since december 2020. So chances of uptrend in the 1st week of May is greater Cheers just wait n see
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