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All my comments is my 2 cents worth, it is not a guide line for buy or sell.

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The quantity has picking up. Very positive sign.
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Cloud kitchen is the recent new biz idea from Europe which suitable for F&B to reduce cost of operation. In my personal opinion, in our culture, home cook also can sell everywhere on line, so I don't think it will take any good effect for them to generate profit.
However, focus and LKL are JV into business again for health care industry and I think this is more positive idea.
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Exactly. This is happening now. But its good la.
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今天很明显主力在建仓价为0.115, 未来很有希望涨到第2个高峰0.23
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@Lit li
Yes. Should be upper trend.
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@lii lii
Yes indeed. So you have to monitor la.
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Let's looking forward for that great moment.
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It should be positive next week since MCO was announce today for few states.
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Have to depends on the momentum and see how is the overall performance on that time. Usually, I'll trade in few time per upper trend. Try to sell on top price n buy back again n wait for another round.
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