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I have analyse this company for a while, how they exploit and speculate.simple just do some homework. just look who's behind the company. What companies they owned ? Then you will able to find the answer. Sell on good news always remember this. The more people say good things and comment about it then you know it's time to run.
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Recent spike in Sersol brought me here and see how this same major shareholders running their companies. Sersol , PHB ( death fish ) and Appasia and etc.
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You realised lately got annoucements on dealings during closed period, directors indirectly owned so much shares behind. Is this what it meant by a commenter here "left hand to right hand" and buy back shares from the company? to create some some movement and volume? Let us ponder
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as expected the so "called" good QR price continue to drop, stay away from this counter for time being if you haven't dip your head inside. further price correction
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