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truly has a life of its own....price came down in spite of strong fundamentals and an overall market surge this morning....amazing counter
1 week · translate
regardless, Takaful should pay out the maximum possible dividend in any one 13.5 sen the maximum possible for FY22?....better still is to hv a formalised dividend policy so investors can make better decision on this counter....
3 weeks · translate
amazing counter....has a life of its own....regardless of its volume transaction or overall market performance, it is traded within a narrow band of $3.30 +/- 10 cents.....any clue, anyone?...
4 months · translate
there seem to be a $3.40 ceiling regardless of daily market performance or EPF'S purchases....anyone?....
7 months · translate
even with good profit performance, price will remain at this low level given stingy dividend plus no clear dividend policy.....
9 months · translate
they must know something we don't?...
10 months · translate
not sure what's the Management game plan if not to grow the stock value thru good dividend payments......what's the point of holding a billion cash reserve?....I propose the Board especially the outside non executive Directors take a cut in their renumeration from the bugetted $3.6M....
1 year · translate
stingy dividend...dissapointing...
1 year · translate
sometimes, EPF was trading within same day with resultant net sale or buy position being relatively small vs volume transacted....wonder what's their strategy, anyone?...
1 year · translate
must be parties who currently own less than 5% stake otherwise hv to report....
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