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Dun understand how ppl can chase AA at 90c. Going to be PN17 unless they can inject at least 3.9b x 60c = RM2.4b equity into AA.
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I have a question everyone:
AA currently only has 2 planned fundraising exercises:
1. Rights issue of covertible debt notes: around 1b
2. Danajamin guaranteed loan: around 1b also
These 2 fund raising exercises will mostly go to liability and will not shore up equity. After these exercises, AA will still be left with -NTA position.
Does this mean AA will become PN17, after the PN17 moratorium expires?
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You help me buy and push up the share price somemore. So that I can sell to you at inflated price.
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lol 2 months ago when it was 1.40, nobody wants the share. now 1.80, with kenanga coverage, everybody wants the share. the share market is always like this.
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lol u should have disposed when market open. ipo shares mostly cannot be kept.
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lol dumb ipo. oversubscribed by 13.8 times, yet kena dumped in share market. Showing u how irrational the market has become. Luckily i subscribed and didnt get.
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