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价值投资 成长性股票 解决问题 谢绝负面情绪

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someone with big ticket keep sell around rm1. 08 donno wat happen
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Better dont look at pp price, Mi rm3. 8 pp Dno rm5. 6 pp also huge amount of money but now look at the current share price, dont look at other investor cost just look at business, if u think the business is great then u invest with the price u are comfort for, Thanks!
4 weeks · translate
Yeah from the chart yes
4 weeks · translate
Waiver of stamp duty for below 500k house, lagenda is one of the biggest beneficier
4 weeks · translate
Lolx where you get the info from? The dividen issue is highly confidential from management... The qr only will be announced during august
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升一些息, 每个月月供多几十块。。。被人丢到这样 我也不会了 买屋子是看35年的啊。。
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谢谢分享 非常感谢
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i mean any information beside the vote? Thank you
1 month · translate
Dear investor, anyone could kindly please share the agm meeting minutes?
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新加坡不是很早就有公司在那里了吗? 请问 raymond是从agm得到的信息吗
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