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almost there..buy n sleep
1 week · translate
waiting at 0.60
2 weeks · translate
what the fishhhhhhh
2 months · translate
careful guys. whats going up, will go down as well.
2 months · translate
nothing wrong with jakel buying shares. they are investor not like traders in and out for a short period of time
2 months · translate
uturn is good..its normal and for some, its opportunity to grab
2 months · translate
we all enjoy our Holland now..right bursaman?? lol
2 months · translate
lol travel vid. Even if the price drop to 38c, it doesnt matter la. Thats normal. It happened to other stocks. For some, its opportunity to grab when the price drop. But for you travel vid, its time for you to bark. woofff²
3 months · translate
what happen after afternoon? will go 30c travel vid??
3 months · translate
buy 0.38, sell at 0.42, cut at 0.36..hold one week
3 months · translate
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