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Middle East conflict. Folks scared World War 3 about to start. So dump everything. Noticed gold prices rising?
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Baru 6 bulan pegang dan bising. orang dah pegang dengan penuh kesabaran untuk 6 tahun
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If you think that intact revenues and margins= rising share price in tandem, you're being too academic. Look at MyEG. Even more stagnant share price
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4 months · translate
Come. sell me everything you got at RM1.77
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Ling, average down further? You plot the graph the counter is declining. now with economy back at full strength the number of road accidents going to increase and this will eat away at their profitability. Think about it carefully
9 months · translate
You actually want to buy is it play reverse psycho with us? I got some you want? sell to you at RM10.
9 months · translate
No movement? one shot drop 14 cents for you
10 months · translate
Some company said target RM3.25. What Kool aid are they drinking? I want some too.
11 months · translate
Steve, 你开玩笑。
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