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Looks like Uncle is spot on the eventually price 4.50
2 weeks · translate
KWAP bought not KWSP
3 weeks · translate
It looked suspiciously like pump pump then little fish rush in the trap door close.... every time also caught all the innocent retailers
3 months · translate
Yes, watch the trading volume. only one day big hoo-har. After that deflated. That's why I say go back to sleep. You just started in share market only a week ago is it? Never taught about trading volume
3 months · translate
zzzzz snore snore
3 months · translate
went back to sleep already this share
3 months · translate
You're welcome. It's currently in the stable price zone. anything below 6.35 is good
4 months · translate
Start now in small batches
4 months · translate
Choong, you specially wrote why this GE is damn boring and I've screenshot your comments. You didn't state why share market is so dull/ boring. But if you have to ask like that, means you don't even have basic financial foundation and just waded your money into Bursa counters blindly. I feel sorry for you. At least go listen to CF Lieu on YouTube.
4 months · translate
We should be grateful and thankful that our general elections is peaceful and the "violence" is just confined to verbal bytes only
4 months · translate
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