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Today market looks weak.. Maybe will hit new low.. LoL
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Today up 10cent tomorrow reverse 20cent.. LoL.. If not sure they find one day to drop back 20cent.. Haha.. MSM new style
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Beware of this group of Korean tycoon.. Always trap investor kao kao punya.. Seem like they want to offload their cheap ticket.
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Now not this COO issue.. Everyone too optimistic on ceiling price will remove last month, unfortunately until today also no update. Some more big boy want to trap small bilis... Recently guess no show for this stock.. Better see other up trend stock.. Don't miss the boat.. Guess this MSM will hibernation for few years.. LoL
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Steven好像要拉回下来了,你的机会来了。。one day show.. 这帮韩国人太厉害了。。太厉害套人了
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Morning bro.. Recently banyak ppl kena trap at diffrence price.. Guess it can't up more.. As long all the cut loss ticket already back to operator side.. Then it share price possible to up from lower.. LoL I will trade when it up trend.. For now just leave it aside..
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Heavily selling, it seem hard to go up at this moment.. Better put it aside.. For me I will wait until up trend only consider to trade this msm.. For now market have so many stock is goin up.. Don't waste the opportunity..
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这股很难起,太多套牢盘。。股市那么多上涨的股票,为何要买一个不知去向的下跌股呢。。看来应该大户知道 糖价近期不会涨价了。。猜会在补选后 才会有一丝涨价的可能
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