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Yes.. Is me.. Cyang soo hoo lol.. You still hold msm? Haha.. Kesian nia.. Lol
2 months · translate
Haha.. Management punya problem ni.. Turn around for two years. Betul betul turn around from untung ke rugi.. Lol.. Hopeless punya counter
2 months · translate
Sampai skrg pun tak da result.. Mesti GG. Good luck to you guys .. Lol
2 months · translate
But some of them is good QR drop bad QR also drop.... Kesian punya investor. But some ppl still optimistic government to subsidise.. Malaysia gov no money liao.. Lol..
2 months · translate
Guys klu xsilap. QR ini memang dah koyak. Release good news before QR, nak government revise harga gula.. Lol harap saya guess salah ni.. Haha.. Ini msm punya con man tactics..
2 months · translate
Sprint Highway?
4 months · translate
Wow all the ppl so negative about this msm.. Lol.. Better switch to other counter.. Come back when it start moving.. Haha good luck guys
5 months · translate
Better Q lower.. 1st target already reach. Next q 7+cent.. Good luck guys..
5 months · translate
5 months · translate
Congrats Teik tomorrow your dream will come true.. Lol.. I think many ppl also looking to grab it lower.. Wilmar anytime will become the new boss.. SGD is 3times of MYR. It possible make the deal done.. Let's Huart together.. LOL
5 months · translate
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