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James-do not need to make big huha when making money. Hahaha…
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手套股的average down 方法太慘裂了。哈哈哈。。。
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Tony-我只会止盈,止损,绝不average down.
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We always saying when fuel price up, avoid airline. When the inflation up, avoid Semicon. These 2 are current super hot topics.
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Tan-wishing you good luck. Btw, you can refer to DAL/AAL price trend due to hit badly by high oil price.
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Oil price up, airline price will dip. Few years ago, MAS continue suffering huge loss due to high oil price.
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Fan-I just pickup Econbhd at 0.39. Start mooning… miss out Gamuda.
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MyEg category under Government Link counters. It depend on government master recovery plan and Budget. Example-Foreign worker permit policies, immigration policies, passport policies and new system, JPJ policies…
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Wye, in Bursa Anywhere Apps, you can subscribe excess qty at 0.395. If got strike, sure make money.
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