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看样子它确实很强势。不过砸盘还是看就好了吧?。。。确认强势后才进场。我们不用跟他50 50搏一搏。免得伤感情。又伤荷包。哈哈!
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好像没心要突破0.5了? 开始要徘徊几天?
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Michael good to you, i sold at 0.745 and 0.750, since the opening was not above 0.750.
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Kim Low, Ya... recently, most of the stocks open high and finish within 15 minutes. Haha.
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Tomorrow opening is important to determine the direction of its stock. if its open above 0.750. Erm... it will fly awhile and most likely will hit 0.795.
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JJ Lim 不要停嘞! 再喊再喊! 你嘴巴太厉害了。。。加油。哈哈
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Smetric 敢敢上。加油加油。
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Good Move Jack! No doubt there are some big boys coming today... but its just a very beginning for them. They will take times to accumulate their tickets before really push the price up again. I guess there is very high possibility to retest the support at 0.54 or even break this support. The trend not really change yet.
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