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Price shot up around late afternoon.
Forced selling done in the morning till noon.
Bawang kena played by syndicate ??
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Hopefully the Evergrande issue won’t cause regional banking’s catastrophe
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Timing wise, we are very lucky because they have set DRP at 7.80 .. so the share price cannot drop too low. Otherwise, ppl won’t subscribe to DRP.
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If u want 8K per month for financial freedom.
Prepare to accumulate up to around 180 x 1000 shares

At current price of RM8.30, that is around 1.5 million
1 week · translate
Might as well instruct MacD & KFC give 50% off to B50 group .. can get even more votes
1 week · translate
Baymax, I thought this round of moratorium is “ once apply, must approve” kinda of thing. No question ask. No need supporting docs
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Useless government.. cannot manage the country well. No money, start squeezing business entities. Scare off investors.

In the long run, who will be the looser ??
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Bought last year, average around 7.70.
3 times dividend since 13.5 + 38.5 + 28
My cost now is around 6.90
If MBB keep paying around 55 sen per year. That’s close to 8% return yearly.

Compare to someone who is going to buy MBB one year from now ( maybe MBB is already RM 9 by then )
Their return is only around 6% yearly, presumably dividend is still 55 sen
1 week · translate
7.76 today .. haha .. thank you Bursa ! Earned both dividend & capital gain !
2 weeks · translate
Agreed, price would/should be “controlled”. So PNB & EPF can “earn” more lots from the 14 sen DRP. But hopefully there will be some price spike on & off.
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