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It has to break the neckline ( support line ) around 9.50 to be consider double top
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7.30 year 2020
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8.40 ?? Can .. after bonus issue
1 lot for every 2 lots.
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7% ownership = RM8b
This group of Chinese investors can buy
the whole of Affin or Alliance Bank or MBSB
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Basically Chinese investor increase from 103K Y22 to 107K Y23 Almost no changes to Bumi & Indian investor.
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Kingli Soh
Want to update us what’s the dividend for MBSB & Affin for the whole 2023 ?
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Ng .. are you in anyway an insider within RHB ? I thought nothing on ex-date & payment date has been announced so far ? Pls correct me if I am wrong
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Around 63 sen
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Tim, I just got lucky. Someone advised me to invest in MBB in July 2020. Started buying in Aug 2020 from 7.50, 7.45 .. all the way down to 7.30. Then my remisier told me to hold on when I placed order at RM7. Q2 2020 result came out, no dividend declared. I continued to buy in November 2020 when I asked my remisier if MBB didn't pay dividend in first half of 2020, what is the analyst predict for final dividend ? He told me market consensus was at 39 sen. From there onward, I accumulate more & more.

But I admire you a lot, at such a young age, you have a very solid investment.
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I refer to both Jane & Mashida posting above.

Firstly, I bought quite a fair bit during 2020 till 2022. So you would know what price I bought then. I fully subscribed to the 5 DRIP offered. I even re-invested almost all cash dividends to buy more MBB share. So Jane’s comment on compounded interest is very true. I don’t even know how to calculate my annual return accurately now. But as a whole lot, it should be more than 10% per year.

Secondly, during this period, I have made use of my dividend income record to purchase a car & a house. Of course the house is still under financing. Car fully paid in one year partly using MBB dividend

Delay gratification + long term investment
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