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3 hours · translate
Fail government making property become worst gg...ppl now cannot rent their house and have no choice to sell it...this makes supply more than demand and property price drop drastically!
2 days · translate
Ya very stable strong hehe but why kumpulan wang keep disposing ya this is wat i curious
3 days · translate
Hopefully, this slow up is what i want, good investment in this stock
4 days · translate
Slow and steady nice hehe good try nice uptrend gogogo
4 days · translate
Drop back to the ground hahaha but is good dy as it breaks it resistance once keke
4 days · translate
Once break 1.85 then to the moon hehe
5 days · translate
China hongkong drop is normal as they spiked dy....but for malaysia market not even spike but drop all the way....sickening
5 days · translate
Is good, they know in future ijm will have better performance and spike, if not why they buy?
5 days · translate
Gogogo huathuat
6 days · translate
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