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another serbadk , high receivable, high impairment, negative cash flow, huge debt. huge debt is going to due within one year, insufficient cash to pay back, short of operating cash, appreciate in USD caging company having huge loss on gorgon exchange next quarter. so either PN17 or bye bye. *** this company debt/ borrowings very large amount in USD. expect 25 million loss for foreign exchange in every 10% appreciate in USD. ***
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这只股好像会跌出 FBMKLCI 榜,如果真的跌出的话那些大基金肯定需要清他们手上的topglove.
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accounting fraud la, go read its financial report
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haha ya ...
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serbadk might go accompany sapnrg .. rm0.04
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wah .. get 11 cent++ cash come in from land sold.
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the management going to privatise this company soon?
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don't naive... from previous experience, 99% company will delist. belive and accept the truth.
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说真的,ATAIMS 事件是可以避免的事情。只要投资前看看财报,就会发现公司单一客户占生意91%(在年报第23项),看到这里应该就会小心防范。 那些guru 还强力推荐的不是没有生意头脑就是没知识。实话实说,他们主要还是靠水鱼课程赚钱,如果老师真正下场投资就是一个字... 亏。
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