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conman inside try to steal plc money.
4 days · translate
Market biggest conman David Goh inside,investors pls run and avoid it.Pls read the announcement Open Road World come in wanner put in the development project.Another big con job same like previous cheating 75m from Symlife.Luckily regulator very sharp and query it.This Open Road whole bunch of conman families.
2 weeks · translate
not bad QR and dividend intact...nice
anyone heard rumors that Will announce smtg big contract?
3 months · translate
more to come?since got gst contract...
7 months · translate
I stil felt overprice,coz nta n earning not tally...afraid get trap at high..back to fundamental basis...
1 year · translate
loss making so improvement..izzit some1 purposely bring up price and dump later to small retailers like us?any sifu can comments?
1 year · translate
on wat basis price can hit RM20...doesn't it sound not logic?can some1 share the idea?
1 year · translate
assuming EPCC work dapat profit 15%.Meaning coming 3 years on avg KAB ada profit RM11.5M per annum.A good start for KAB
1 year · translate
wow,dapat project dari Petronas Gas
EPCC work...
1 year · translate
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