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money in today
6 months · translate
average at 1.67 , waiting for q3 result and hopefully with the announcement of collaboration with Wilmar , that will be superb if is true as msm got capacity and wilmar got marketing
7 months · translate
has been trapped for second times , but the prospect still good wont let go until next qr as sugar price gone up , plus one off gain
8 months · translate
any expert to comment on qr , the prospect seem good but receivable is high but announcement mentioned this was due to related parties outstanding , hence i guess the risk should be low , overall all revenue were increased and only cost of sales is too high
8 months · translate
same here cut loss at 0.96
8 months · translate
resolution passed and by end dec expected to get back RM2
9 months · translate
scr passed in egm with 99% agreed
9 months · translate
mine registered and email only received next day
9 months · translate
follow the procedure to register to vote
9 months · translate
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