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so many good news for palm oil sector increase in export volume , allowed to bring in 32000 foreign labour
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anyone know how to join the egm?
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with the foreseeable good profit for port business , i guess SM also wanted quickily to complete the scr
1 week · translate
announcement out EGM on 30th sept , so i guess tomorrow should be up a bit , what do your think? any expert to comment
1 week · translate
finally Board agreed and to be tabled in egm and if approved then the scr exercise expected to complete by Q4 2021 , mean the RM2 can be materialised latest by end dec 2021
1 month · translate
i noticed perhaps call as operator pushing the price down as the sell volume always sudden increase to block the price up , just my observation only
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yes almost non stop after last qr and up until the highest 3.54 , but i guess just be patience as the support should be there at 2.70 , next year the dividend should be very good but dont know got that patience to wait ..haha judge yourself
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some story for today volume traded, but with current trend and QR result to be out before end Aug , SM might have some preasure people will ask for higher offer price if the QR result is good
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big volume today someone buy at 1.75 for 18mils shares
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any expert know how to read cimb thailand report? as the figure very confusing so many diff net profit not sure which is the finsl one ... seem last become lost for this qr but not sure if is correct
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