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esok rebound signal if can close above 0.985
20 hours · translate
hit SL..nti ada rezeki masuk blik hehe
Yesterday · translate
dont make a joke, can read 'may' react.It may less react bcoz no of share issued under this corporate proposal on 390,900, compare share capital issued 755.167millon. When,EPS diluted,PE ratio will increase,fair value will decrease,in a way value investing kurang suka Esos. just a view. in the long run. still ok, i still hold hehe
6 days · translate
ESOS- will impact EPS,will reduce the company's earnings per share.
Market may react to the announcement.
6 days · translate
tahniah bang...shake out tu, bg pemberat kluar, sblum lebih ringan
6 days · translate
minyak habis, kene isi minyak balik di fuel pump hehe
6 days · translate
ok refill fuel before skyrocket again
1 week · translate
when to get back to 30th floor
1 week · translate
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