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Slowly collect. profit margin remain good. Good management.
2 weeks · translate
nt much...1surgeon cant do so much cases...but if it build good reputation, then it may help slowly in long term...but cost for surgeon oso high. Nt high hope
3 weeks · translate
i feel tguan is good. still try to maintain profit margin in current economy. and i confident with management. once economy rebound, it will come back
1 month · translate
dividend improved. Revenue dropped but profit improved compared last year. i think it is good enough in this recession year
1 month · translate
too optimistic. haha...
1 month · translate
Agreed. but tguan's customer is different from bpplas. Still hope economy improved
1 month · translate
and it seem this company cannot transfer the cost to customer. margin very low
1 month · translate
i thought cocoa prices will reduce his profit margin. this company is not produce cocoa, but it process the cocoa.
1 month · translate
this not dividend counter. the borrowing still high. and the gov policy for diesel subsidi is a risk.
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Excellent QR.

in prior quarter, the contributing factors to the higher profits were the one-off adjustment
on the fair value of property, plant and equipment amounting RM6.7 million, the gain from revaluation
of investment properties by RM3.4 million and gain from sale and leaseback arrangement by RM4.4
million. No such gain was recognised in the current quarter.
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