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Berita baik ni!!! Akhirnya, Ada jugak perjanjian secara kontrak langsung Dari NEXGRAM!!!! Selalunya buat MOU-MOU sampah sahaja....
1 month · translate
This is a really good news!!!!
2 months · translate
Are you illiterate??? I don't see the article mention about the word PN17. They said that nexgram is free from GN3.
2 months · translate
I marked your comment each time Mr. LAM, your last comment hoping that nexgram will drop to rm0.005 soon. Every time you badmouthing this stock.
4 months · translate
I know it, Mr. LAM, u actually wants to buy as low as 0.005 per unit of nexgram share. And I convince that you don't even hold any nexgram stocks.
4 months · translate
Mr LAM, r u truly invest in NEXGRAM????, if this news is true, you should be happy, because u can break even or even better, get profit from your investment????? You said you buy at 0.06. A normal people should hope their investment to grow. But you don't care at all if your investment turns into ashes. It's really weird u know?
4 months · translate
overbought since last week, surely will goreng in near time.
4 months · translate
will fly to above 4 Sen before 24 Feb. Overbought since last week.
4 months · translate
Just bought 5000 lots, I hope it's worth it.
9 months · translate
what happened man??? Suddenly overbought for 5 consecutive days???
10 months · translate
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