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I realised the stamp duty for REIT transaction is cheaper (RM 1 for every RM 1,000) than normal share (RM 1.50 for every RM 1,000)?
1 month · translate
will petgas be affected by Russia-ukraine war?
2 months · translate
wouldn't the margin be pressed and result in less profit?
2 months · translate
yes like finally come back
2 months · translate
epf not yet announce dividend
2 months · translate
lol, u sure? seems like on the way up or at least stagnant
2 months · translate
I believe tenaga should be able to give at least 40 cent dividend per year if there is no lockdown anymore, hence unlikely price will go below 8.5
2 months · translate
in this case you may consider average down when it drop every 50 cent
2 months · translate
yes, tenaga just need to add another 5 to 10 sen dividend a year and the rate would be at least 5% dividend yield per year which is not too bad.. by the way, may I know at what price did u buy?
2 months · translate
if u ask me Keith, if u look at Public bank profit, they can't seem to grow any further, the only good thing is their earning is pretty consistent but flat too.. at this dividend yield rate, I would say tenaga is a better choice
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