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c.... if u buy at act price when i say it at that day, nowdays u should gain back yr profit to cut yr lost maaa
2 weeks · translate
hahaha... why do u say i that? is it u already loss at this stock? u can buy it again at actual price to push back stock up to 90sen
1 month · translate
sikit je 10bil tu...
2 months · translate
after considering many options for this stock, actually this is a good stock.. not under PN17 start from covid lockdown until this day maybe support by good company asset.. stock to watch again..
2 months · translate
owh ..okeii tq
2 months · translate
if papajack is a shariah counter, i will already buy it since the ipo launch
3 months · translate
hahaha.. sabar ya... politician juga mempengaruhi harga saham.. tp according to sapura restructure plan tu, saya rasa "munasabah" berbanding saham2 lain yg ade problem "debts" tetapi xpandai nak restructure... ape2 harap sykt dpt lps dr PN17
3 months · translate
ohhh... i see... i needs to make futher research about this stock... its have potential to rise up actually
3 months · translate
3 months · translate
lets apply ipo... still good stock to invest
3 months · translate
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