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Matter of timing. Wong share buyback 0.45-0.46. My personal thought if got money now i also wan to buy in more. Current market is influenced by usa market uncertainty
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Qe report out. Positive signs despite the challenges of current macroeconomic. Consider quite good results
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Tu dia. Bomoh siam pun sudah keluar genius ini. Really put a smile on my face :) such a joke
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The mfk is the one who said bull and since then keep going down :)
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Breaking 0.4 soon. Looks like the genius has been silent.
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Ur wish comes true Nhlau Lau :)
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We speak based on data. The stock is influenced by usa market down similar to globally. We can only forecast based on wong historic data, q3 report usually the business is better. With that guidance should attract investors and go up. Nobody can predict 100% unless insider news. Market is still controlled by investors and sharks. At least we dont come out and scold ppl act smart but no backup to statement
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Tu lah. Buat pandai pandai dan marah orang buat pa. Sabar la. Sama sama mau untung saja. I ingat dia rugi wong sampai naik gila dah. :)
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Talk so much bombastic stuff also couldnt conclude when the bull will run and how much it will run. Hahahaha. Conclusion just guessing, you useless piece of shite
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Well genius nazr zach. Everyone also know that if everyone hold on to their stocks and not selling, then demand is more than supplies and that drive up stock prices. Its fundamental. Question is more towards what back your statement when you are saying bull trend coming. Is it because the quarter report coming early september and expected good earnings?
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