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Able to maintain profit in this challenging business environment not bad. Trade receivable decreased, cash in hand increased with positive FCF.
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True, well keep waiting then. Who knows how low it may go, thus far it isn’t falling back to 2.20 level, much less the 1.99 that I’m hoping for.
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这个季度的inventory write down 是因为化学原来价格下滑,根据管理层化学原料价格在2023年已经有所稳定,也就是意味着有可能会有reversal of inventory write down,再加上pulau indah warehouse 在下个季度开始运作,期待接下来两个季度的业绩。
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If it falls take it as an opportunity to buy because you can buy cheaper. USD is strengthening again so we’re gonna expect some foreign exchange gain next QR, coupled with the commissioning of new stretch film line we shall see revenue and profit picking up again
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If no there was foreign exchange losses that net profit would be 24m++, comparable to previous quarters despite inflationary pressure. Short term borrowing increasing due to capex, that explains negative FCF. Overall, I think tguan has done fairly well compared to other plastic players.
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MRDIY is not a hardware company per se, it sells home improvement products. Many of these products are recurring in nature, coupled with a variety of product mix and margins due to economy of scale, it's the secret recipe for establishing a monopoly business at least in Malaysia.
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