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......oh yah absolutely, do whatevers needed but importantly please ensure that the entitled revolving door policy is kept intact! inbreeding is a necessity to keep the looting going indefinitely!
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"good people"......oh yah, that's the reason US is a sticking point!
5 days · translate
no worries....banyak lagi Board kat Bolehland for the Entitled! Best of All, tiap2, 2/3 tahun ada revolving door appointments bah!
6 days · translate
just stick to completing your ship building contract lah!
6 days · translate
Nope Bro, had family & friends who studied there.... largely positive comments.
1 week · translate
doesn't bode much confidence, when he plans to throw overboard their current auditor!.....smack of 1MDB like, albeit at vastly smaller scale.
2 weeks · translate
AmCham's argument seems to veer more to profit than lives!....when hospital beds start running out, Lockdown is the only option, more so when Developed Nations hoard vaccines for themselves and leaving nothing for the rest!
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