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6 days · translate
next result another red, sure come to 0.25.
1 week · translate
i guess, because last year from chinapress, they hv a commercial news mention their confinement center is fully book from jan to march at selangor area.
just see how their result.
1 week · translate
wont up lah, just fresh trap people at 0.32.
maybe april to jun result can see see.
1 week · translate
green result, maybe 1.5million profit, but price wont up.
1 week · translate
wah, 20billion share, perhaps will down to 15 sen in 1 year time.
1 week · translate
next week is the last chance to run before 25 sen. mark my word
2 weeks · translate
yes, mabuk ketum, good business
2 weeks · translate
3 weeks · translate
0.38 selling pressure seem like finish.
3 weeks · translate
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