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Remisier can manipulate customer acctount and do trading on behalf? Ain’t this against Bursa or SC regulation? Can report him?
3 months · translate
This counter everyday f by us like that, where got retailer come buy? Hahahaha… pull up also kaki tengok kaki shiok only
3 months · translate
Look like a lot of Superbull members here, hi guys! Say Raya the price will come back wo.. haha
3 months · translate
YouTube search super bull then you will see this sifu.
3 months · translate
turn out Alien comment is the most accurate one, alien where are you?
3 months · translate
Hit 52wk low.. lapsap!
3 months · translate
Even now still many member holding this stupid stock, internally they don’t talk about this anymore, pretend this stock doesn’t exist. Lucky I cut loss and gain back from other stock.
4 months · translate
3mil,等我 哈哈哈
8 months · translate
这是个什么鬼公司? 没有交易,什么都没有的?
8 months · translate
Come to daddy 1.6 yummy yummy!
10 months · translate
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