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Kevin, Superman, ACW, tomorrow watch show ya! I watch mother enough! LOL!
3 hours · translate
Carnicorn you are right, but in term of quality the first one from bottom!
10 hours · translate
230pm sure got show. Stay tune!
10 hours · translate
Result very good but gamblers went to Lagenda…..LOL!
12 hours · translate
Wah, 3 brother push up the price for Lagenda shareholders to run? So good ar? LOL!
12 hours · translate
1 day · translate
Lawrence, you will surely get @ 0.82…..
1 day · translate
This one good to trade.
1 day · translate
So far so good today!
1 day · translate
If Tan Sri agree to sell which I think it is, the rest is no longer important because Francis will have more than 50% shares! And the offer for your share will be at 0.995 as well, as an official protocol.
2 days · translate
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