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0.185 liao.......... sienzzzz
19 hours · translate
US drop again....this stock Monday drop again ........
2 days · translate
Impairment 4.4m ah, what can do.......
2 weeks · translate
mainly due to the escalated building materials, labour costs, higher operating costs and impairment loss on contract assets of RM4.44 million relating to accrual of foreseeable losses for certain projects arising from the higher construction costs and time prolongation costs.
2 weeks · translate
Coming qtr may post a loss qtr report .....
3 weeks · translate
Secured Lenders have been resolved and the Company no longer has default in payment pursuant to Paragraph 9.19A of the Main Market Listing Requirements of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.
1 month · translate
Looks like got big shark is disposing, almost same like yesterday, suddenly dispose 80,000 lot in 20 minutes
1 month · translate
Before every stock drop, u drop, now every stock up, u sideway. Now market sentiment much more better liao, when is ur turn to rocket ohhhhh destiniiiiiiiiii
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U r welcome, hehe
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0.172 average cost
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